What Do We treat?
​Anxiety, Cancer, Candida, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue, Heart Disease, Infertility, Liver Disease, Menopause, Poor Thyroid, Poor Metabolism, Weight Management, etc.
The Jerusalem Nutritionist
​Nutritionist Nilli Grutman is a specialist in Bio-Chemical Nutritional Science. She has a successful nutrition practice in Los Angeles and Jerusalem. She successfully treated thousands of patients with natural remedies, food combinations, and herbs.
Our Health Approach
Good health is achieved when the body is in BALANCE. We analyze your current symptoms, life style, eating habits, and overall health to determine what is out of balance. And develop a customized nutritional wellness plan. to re-align the body.
Abundant health is cultivated from developing a deep connection with your body and mind. Listening to your body and participating in a daily practice of nourishment and repair is essential for optimal health.
Learn to permanently and holistically change your life!
The Jerusalem Nutritionist is an Holistic Nutrition Clinic that provides natural whole-food remedies for a wide range of health needs. Our approach is simple: determine the body’s imbalances, implement the most natural and on point solutions, reconnect to the body to maintain good health and inner-peace, continue to enjoy your best life!