The Jerusalem Nutritionist
Nutritionist Nilli Grutman – Bio Chemist – Holistic Health Experiment
Beyond my personal fascination with the field of nutrition and natural medicine, I believe that I have been called to guide people back to their best health and mental well-being. As we enter this new era of consciousness, we are collectively incapable of moving forward as individuals and as members of society if we continue to neglect the physical and emotional needs of our bodies’. Fortunately I understood this very early on as a child. And when forced to decide ‘what I needed to do with my life’ felt it only natural and appropriate to study nutrition as my contribution to society.
I am a firm believer that with the right resources and guidance all can be healed and prevented. However, many of the resources that we each need in order to maintain our physical and emotional health have become somewhat misplaced. And even so, once people have determined what is necessary for their highest good, the integration of those practices falls short…
It is my job to provide the right natural solutions and to help unblock the mental constraints that inhibit the actualization of your best life.
My Journey Into Nutrition
Much of my interest in nutrition started when I was a child. My beautiful grandmother Naomi was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was in middle school. Her doctors gave her 6 months left to live… Not one to for doing nothing, she decided that she was going to fuse alternative health care approaches with the conventional treatments her doctors were prescribing. She immediately started juicing, sprouting, eating pure raw foods, meditating, etc, and succeeded to live another 10 years, stupefying all of her previous doctors. This all well before the popularization of raw foods and sprouting; my grandmother was truly ahead of her time.
My grandmother’s journey through natural healing broadened my family’s consciousness of the role proper nutrition and self-care has in our lives. I was fortunate to realize at a young age that we are all able to control our life experience by the foods we choose to eat.
I started to play with my food in High School and changed the way I ate and exercised. I read books about nutrition, and was immediately struck by the beauty of the human design. By age 15 I was a health food junkie!
I then moved on to attend the University of California, Davis, one of the leading research Nutrition Universities in the United States and received a degree in Bio-Chemical Nutritional Science. I gained so much from my University training, specifically a firm understanding how our internal chemical environment is affected and manipulated by our external chemical environment. However, most of the working knowledge I use today came after I started working side by side with other health professionals, attending conferences, and treating my patients. My nutrition understanding has evolved to incorporate the interplay of how emotions, genetic dispositions, food, movement, and self-awareness all collectively create contribute to our health.
I created my Holistic Nutrition Clinic in Calabasas California 6 years ago, and then The Jerusalem Nutritionist 1 year ago after making Aliyah, to help people with this interplay. I helped my patients one-on-one, was hired to teach nutrition programs by different companies, colleges, and rehab facilities, taught cooking demonstrations, wrote programs for exercise companies like Tae Bo® Fitness, and taught college nutrition courses. Once I started teaching abroad I switched my clinic to an online platform to accommodate my travels. Now I have the privilege of helping my clients through facetime, skype, and phone in-between my visits back to California.
It has been a privilege to guide my clients back to their best health. I can personally connect to my clients’ journeys. I know what it feels like to be sick, and to furthermore be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Throughout my process of becoming a nutritionist I suffered from chronic fatigue, IBS, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and weight issues. Long story short, I was a mess. However, I implemented the right nutritional information, managed my stress, and thus resolved all of my issues naturally. I am my own best success story! And I believe that I had to go through these hardships to understand where my clients are coming from and how to help them.
My goal is to create a natural wellness movement; one that is not based on gimmicks or supplement sales. But rather a health movement that is rooted in self-awareness and simple, timeless, food and well-being practices. Will you join me?!

What We Do

Our nutrition practice was founded in 2010 by Nutritionist Nilli Grutman, to provide a no b.s. space where factual and scientific-based nutrition is taught and sustainable wellness and change is encouraged, along with a real connection to your emotional and physical self.
Our approach is to provide a completely natural, non synthetic guide for optimal well-being. We believe in a holistic approach for analysis and action. Using both east and west wisdom, the right scientific information, and nature, we know that anyone can reach their best state of health!

Client Testimonials

“Yes! Your coaching, generosity, creativity, stability, self-love, curiosity, detachedness, and vast intuitive knowledge… gave me a co-creator so I could finally get in touch with my eating beliefs and evolve my whole approach to nourishment. I’ve realized my body and life are just a concept of what my beliefs around health and available nourishment are.
Before I was eating fake foods or pre-packaged foods and had an intention of withholding food from myself, because I wanted to look physically good. How backwards.
But now I feel so safe giving my body nutrients it desires in as big or little amounts as it desires. I feel safe listening to it and feeling it’s every emotion and ache or arousal as I know and trust I accurately interpret it’s cues.
I was also avoiding social nourishment and holiday celebrations because it triggered my own deprivation issues.
Now, I feel safe to freely partake in the seasonal blessings of food and energetics. I couldn’t be a whole person, I couldn’t be me, without this. Rejoicing in the changing shapes and colors and textures of the whole foods as they change with the seasons. And… using the seasons to care for my organs and body systems (nervous, circulation, lymphatic) changing needs.
We have healed my root 🙂 as your business promises.
So grateful you accepted your gifts and lovingly devoted them unknotting and re-forming others issues. I look forward to seeing you when our schedules align!!
– A.M.”
“I’ve been seeing Nilli individually for about 4 months. My IBS is gone, my fear of food and overeating is gone, I love my body and know intuitively how to feed it just what it needs – whether that’s a meal, a workout, or comfy sweatpants and tea. I’ve worked with nutritionists before and… been like well that was a bust but Nilli is worth every penny.  Her approach has made a lasting impact in my life.  She is able to listen to you and sort through all the issues to pinpoint exactly what will boost and balance your health with whole foods and medicinal amounts of herbs and supplements.  Plus, she is incredibly personable and beams love, health and knowledge.  If you’ve ever thought you’re health couldn’t change you must see Nilli. I also highly recommend Nilli’s workshops, from juicing to optimizing your working out to the transformative intuitive eating. Go to the intuitive eating one! It’s game changing.   Nilli has a powerful ability to guide you into your body so you can make choices that support your energy levels, waistline and happiness.”
– J.R.
“Nilli is amazing! I’ve been going to her for about 8 months now and I got to say I’ve never felt better! She identified an issue with my blood sugar upon first visit and informed me of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Overall extremely knowledgeable and she really cares about her patients. Highly recommended nutritionist.”
– C.D.
“Nilli is great! Super personable and knowledgeable. She puts together a plan that works for your goals and is accessible by email in between appointments. I am very happy with my results and look forward to my next appointment! Thanks Nilli!”
– M.S.
“I had a digestive issue that Nilli was able to correct after an initial consult, where she asked many detailed questions, followed by a game plan she put together for me. I simply followed the plan, and the issues went away. Extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to.”
– S.B.
I feel so lucky to have Nilli as my Nutritionist. I never thought that my eating problems were going to stop. But as soon as I started following Nilli’s directions I started seeing significant changes. It is not only that I have lost weight, it is also that I am a much healthier person. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Nilli by my side. Thank you!”
– E.M.
When I went to Nilli, I was suffering from painful stomach issues that no doctor could help me with.  I had tried various medications and treatments.  I thought I was eating healthy and doing all the right things, but Nilli explained to me how the way I was eating was actually making my condition worse.  She created a food plan and detoxification program that completely eliminated my pain and allowed me to feel great!  On top of that, I love the food I eat now and enjoy it way more than what I used to eat before.  The information Nilli shared with me about what to eat and why was exactly what I needed to make changes that have improved every aspect of my life.  Not only was my stomach hurting, I was also tired and a little depressed and frustrated with my inability to get to the weight I wanted to be.  Nilli’s recommendations led to immediate results, dropped the weight right away and suddenly felt energized and positive about life.  I am incredibly grateful for Nilli’s help and I recommend her most highly to anyone who wants to improve their life and feel fantastic!”
– B.S.
I went to Nilli for stomach issues that my doctor could not resolve and I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life, which is what he was prescribing. My nutritionist, Nilli, designed a special meal and supplement plan to treat my condition. Since starting my program 4 months ago, my stomach issues went away and I feel great. I also lost 13 pounds! Sometimes, it just takes a small adjustment in your diet and some supplements to balance things out. How easy is that? Easy!! Thanks Nilli.”
– E.B.
Dear Nilli, I want to thank you for the encouragement and support you gave me when I was embarking on this arduous journey of improving my health and lifestyle. I never realized how life would change when I first came to see you. For years, not only was I unhappy with the way I looked but I was unhealthy and didn’t know how to improve the way I felt. Your advice helped me understand the balance between eating healthy and the positive effect that it had on my body. Not only have I continued my healthy choices and maintained my weight, but I can truly say that I don’t believe in diets, but changes in lifestyle. I look at my old pictures and I don’t recognize myself, but I can’t complain because I can honestly say that I’ve never looked or felt better before in my life. Thank you again.”
– T.G.
“Dear Nilli, I wanted to take a few moments and thank you for all that you have done for me. When I started working with you I was, to say the least, a wreck; having tried the “normal” medical route to address my issues with not too much success. Your approach is impressive, and much more importantly effective. You have this attitude of, “I can help you, but you have to help yourself”. There is the unique blend between caring for the individual and the necessary tough love to get the individual to care for themselves. Through this combination of caring and coaching I was able to get off medication, lose weight, and gain the confidence I had lost. I have and continue to recommend you to family and friends, as an alternative to an unsuccessful “normal” medical treatment where the diet has not been considered as part of the treatment. Where the approach has been treat the symptom not the whole person. I consider it a great gift to know you. Thank you for all your help.”
– S.K.
“The things I love about Nilli: Her plan worked and I actually lost weight and I can’t say that about anyone or anything else. Nilli is a genius.  She will figure out what your individual body is doing or not doing.  In my case, I wasn’t losing weight the way that I should so we did some blood tests and tried to figure out what the hold-up was then we switched up some of my supplements and my eating plan.  She figured out what my problem was so that we could fix it.  Since I’d been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for some time it was great to finally have it be someone else’s problem and then to have the problem be fixed. It wasn’t easy changing the way that I related to food or how I ate.  It was really hard at first, and I was very emotional about it.  But then I started seeing results, and then I started to get used to it.  Now I feel so much better physically.  I have more energy and I’m more capable of everything.  I especially feel better emotionally.  I’m not a victim of my genetics/metabolism anymore.  I feel a lot better about myself and that’s pretty amazing. And now everything in my life is perfect all thanks to Nilli. OKAY, it’s not perfect, but my body is better and I have hope for everything else.”
– G.R
“Dear Nilli, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you on the magnificent change that has occurred in my life. I came to you overweight, fatigued, stressed and with absolutely no direction as to how I could get my life back in control. The meticulous way in which you studied by blood work and examined my eating and lifestyle was and still continues to amaze me. I have learned to make the right choices with the meal plan you provided me and can say now that going from a size 14 to a size 10 is remarkable (oh yes! – and still losing). The combination of eating properly and my supplements has given me more energy, my stress is at a minimal and I have now an overall well-being that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you for your kindness, guidance and overall professionalism in helping me understand that taking care of “me” is downright GREAT!!!!!”
– T.G.
“Nilli, In May 2010 when we spoke, you asked some questions that no other nutritionist in the past had ever addressed. Of course before calling, I was very skeptical. After our conversation, you put all my concerns to rest and reassured me that with my dedication, your proven system, my hard work and staying on course that I could achieve all my goals. Going from 15% body fat and having some digestive issues was no easy task. But, I was able to get my GI Track back to normal and get my body fat down to 5% over these last 90 days. I could have never done it without you and this has been an invaluable lesson that I will carry throughout my life. Being 45 years old, I’m finally in the best shape of my life. You Rock!! Thanks Again!”
– J.G.