My definition of health is when the body, mind, heart, and spirit are centered, nourished, and pulsating with purpose and life. I have found through my work that health begins to decline when one of these 4 pillars of the self is deficient. Consider these four pillars to have an equal partnership in maintaining your health; each one relies on the other. If one pillar weakens, the whole structure becomes unbalanced and the rest have to compensate in order to preserve it. Over time the compensating pillars are themselves weakened, further accelerating the deterioration of the self. To regain your health means to strengthen that first, deficient pillar, so that all four return to their original, balanced state. Additionally, the act of strengthening any of the pillars (whether weak or strong) helps to fortify the foundation of the self and maintain your health.

Concrete Examples From My Clients:

Jane has been in a relationship with her husband for 15 years. Due to years of poor communication and unresolved anger towards one another, Jane unconsciously feels emptiness in her heart and agitated anger that consistently clouds her mind. Jane has 2 deficient pillars: her heart and mind. Over time Jane begins to develop diabetes and arthritis in her knees, shoulder, and hips. Her declining health is a direct result of her diminished heart and mind. If Jane were to resolve the turmoil of those two depleted pillars, eventually her diabetes and arthritis would fade away like a bad dream.

Ronald has always been the type to neglect his physical health. He overeats greasy, processed foods after bouts of fasting. He is consistently inactive, refuses to exercise, sleeps late, and drinks three cups of sweet coffee before heading out the door in a rush. Unknown to Ronald is that neglecting his body pillar is directly responsible for his poor concentration, bouts of manic depression, an inability to emotionally connect to romantic partners, and an ambivalent attitude towards spiritual discussions. In Ronald’s case, his lack of physical nourishment is limiting his ability to actualize his heart, mind, and spirit pillars.

Bonnie is a business woman. She has a successful career in which she greatly benefits the elderly, fulfilling friendships, financial security, and a general contentment in life. However, Bonnie severely criticizes herself about every mistake or perceived misstep she makes and carries around an overwhelming sadness since her father’s passing.  As a result, Bonnie developed pain in her lower back and arthritis in her knees. Bonnie sought the help of a nutritionist (myself) in order to strengthen her physical health. After eating healthier and taking herbs to relieve the pain in her knees and lower back, Bonnie feels that she is fortified enough to explore her mind and heart. She feels ready to vanquish her harsh internal critic and to let go of the sadness since losing her father. After weeks of nutritional care and therapy Bonnie feels fortified, strong, and vibrant! She wakes up with purpose, is focused on her daily decisions, and is able to live life in a state of happiness. She is now the embodiment of balance and health.

Health is not a look, a weight, or a bench mark. It is the alignment of all the parts that make you human; your body, mind, heart, and soul. Furthermore, health is a means to an end and not the end itself. It is imperative that we monitor our health, as our health is what allows us to completely actualize our potential in this world and live our best, most authentic lives.

My hope is to motivate you to look inward.

Which of your pillars need strengthening? Which pillars are overcompensating and eventually give out? Don’t be afraid to look inward. A solution will be there, waiting for you once you are ready to become your true, more powerful self!

My detox program starting October 18th will be great for those of you who need to strengthen their body pillar. It is a program designed to clean out and reboot the body, teach the principles of mastering perfect physical health, and will give you the concepts you need to nourish the pillars of your mind and heart. The program has had a profound impact on all those who’ve experienced it, and has resulted in permanent lifestyle changes, weight loss, restored digestion, balanced blood sugar, balanced hormones, improved sleep, reduced food cravings, vitality, and much, much more.

I’m excited to be a part of your journey, and to discover with you your new, actualized self.


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1155 nis ($323.00)
can be paid in 3-5 installments